Move for Neurogenesis (MFN)

The Move for Neurogenesis is our largest annual fundraising event that takes place across the nation, promoting the positive effects that aerobic exercise has on the brain. 

Each summer, Dr. Matthew Galati hosts various events throughout Toronto, leading participants through a circuit workout incorporating both aerobic exercise and high-intensity, plyometric interval training.


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Thank you to our 2023 sponsors

Why it Works?

“We move to increase vital neuro-hormones and create brain cells through the process of neurogenesis.”

— Dr. Matthew Galati


Over $1M Raised

To date, Brain Changes Initiative has raised over $1,000,000, funding research that aims to improve the standard of care for all TBI survivors and people living with brain-related disorders.

We owe our gratitude and thanks to all donors, sponsors and those who have participated in our initiatives and contributed to our cause. 

How it Works

The donation and sponsorship money raised through the Move for Neurogenesis is directed towards a 3-way collaboration between Brain Changes Initiative, Branch Out Neurological Foundation, and Brain Canada Foundation.

The proceeds fund a Special Purpose Grant offered through Branch Out Neurological Foundation — there will be a call for research centred around non-pharmaceutical modalities of brain health as articulated by Brain Changes Initiative.

As part of the research, there will be an element of practical integration of the modalities into clinical practice.

After grant recipients have been selected, the funds will be transferred to their respective institution and Brain Canada Foundation will match the funding amount.

Annual Platinum Sponsor

Thank you to Multi-Gen Wealth Group for their ongoing generosity and belief in our cause.

Their support allows us to successfully carry out our mission to improve the standard of care for TBI and spread awareness that the brain has an immense ability to change and heal.