Meet our Executive Team

Dr. Matthew Galati | Founder & President

In 2013, Dr Matthew Galati, a medical student at the time, suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a motor vehicle accident. Refusing to accept ill fate, he researched how best to heal and created his own recovery protocol based on revolutionary new science around a brain supporting lifestyle. Against all odds, he recovered fully to complete his medical training and has come full circle as a physician.

After finishing his residency training in Family Medicine in 2018, Dr Galati completed a fellowship in Environmental Medicine which has a strong focus on Functional/ Integrative Medicine. As of 2019, Dr Galati has his own Family Medicine practice with the East GTA Family Health Team and he is also a Hospitalist at rehabilitation hospital, Runnymede Healthcare.

In addition to working as a physician, in 2019, Dr Galati founded the not for profit organization, Brain Changes Initiative (BCI). The mission of BCI is to improve the standard of care for Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation through research, education, awareness and programs around a lifestyle approach to healing the brain.

Salvatore Galati | Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Since 1985, Sal Galati has worked in the field of Building Science, specializing in providing products and services to the multi-family apartment building sector across Canada.

Over the last 10 years, he has focused his attention on the development, building, and management of healthcare services and programs, working in collaboration with the East GTA Family Health Team located in Scarborough, Ontario. Sal has used his vast knowledge in healthcare navigation to help primary care physicians, specialists, and allied health practitioners to deliver more cohesive ways to manage practice solutions using a four-pronged approach of Style, Space, Staff and Systems.

While philanthropy and community engagement has been a focal point throughout his career, in 2013, he and his family’s commitment to supporting the field of neuro-rehabilitation and research became paramount as a result of his son’s life-changing traumatic event.

Today, Sal is proud to be the co-founder of Brain Changes Initiative. He is committed to working with stakeholders to raise funds for awareness, education, and research, striving to improve the standard of care for TBI survivors.

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Olivia Galati | Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Galati is a vibrant leader, with over 10 years of retail and consumer packaged goods experience centered around health and natural products. She is extremely passionate about health foods, in addition to the positive effects that natural products have on the body and mind. As a celiac herself, Olivia has first-hand experience with the way food can harm or heal the body. Her motivation to help consumers across the country find clean and quality products shows in her work as a Category Director for Loblaw Companies Ltd., managing their Natural Products Department for discount stores across Canada. Strategy, budgeting, and coaching are also among her strong-suits and have been integral in managing a multi-million dollar business year-to-year. 

Olivia graduated from the University of Western Ontario with Honours as a Double Major in Political Science and History. After graduating, she worked for the Provincial Government before developing a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. Olivia was accepted into a graduate program at Loblaw Companies Ltd. and quickly climbed to a managerial role within 5 years.

In 2011, her brother Dr. Matthew Galati, sustained a very serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). With her knowledge and experience in the health food industry, Olivia helped shape a brain healthy nutrition plan for Dr. Galati, aiding in his recovery.

Olivia’s strengths in business and leadership, and her passion for healthcare make her a natural fit as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Brain Changes Initiative (BCI). Her valuable skill set and intimate family experience with TBI, have equipped her to lead BCI in its mission to change the standard of Care for TBI rehabilitation.

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Amani Abouchahine | Chief Marketing Officer

Amani brings over 10 years of marketing strategy, branding, and e-commerce expertise to the BCI team. Her experience includes marketing strategy work with McDonald’s, CIBC, and SickKids Foundation, as well as more niche start-ups — helping them stand out, expand their digital reach, and optimize results. In the last several years, Amani has also successfully built, launched, and grown 2 e-commerce companies from the ground up, giving her the vision to take ideas from early conception to execution.

What makes her approach unique is her culmination of analytical thinking combined with out-of-the-box problem solving, resulting in strategic yet creative brand solutions. Her ultimate goal is to create dynamic companies that have the capacity to entice, intrigue, and draw interest while simultaneously delivering on tangible analytical markers.

Amani has recently shifted focus to the wellness space, an area she has always had a natural affinity towards. She looks forward to transforming BCI’s presence through a compelling design rebrand, a refreshed website, social media, and email strategy. She will also be leading the launch of new merchandise and brand collateral that will further grow the BCI community, heighten awareness, and raise funds.

Josh Skrupskas | VP of Strategic Partnerships

Josh Skrupskas has over 10 years of experience in strategic partnerships, branding and experiential marketing. He has worked in higher education, sport, arts, tech and is currently in the financial services industry.

Josh is a seasoned professional that is passionate about creating authentic brand connections through long-lasting strategic relationships. In his past roles he has created and executed successful partnership events and activations with Lululemon, Aston Martin, Herschel Supply Co., SONY Music and more.

Josh is committed to raising awareness and spreading the message of Brain Health. With a blend of creativity, dedication and genuine desire to connect, he looks forward to the exciting new challenges ahead.

Claire Galati | Marketing Director

Claire Galati has been working in the Marketing field for over 5 years. She graduated from Ontario’s Schulich School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a specialization in Marketing. Having grown up immersed in the arts, she looks for opportunities to fuse her creative passions with her business acumen, and volunteer her time to initiatives she’s passionate about. She is honoured to be part of the BCI team, contributing to their marketing initiatives and strategies, and having a hand in helping TBI survivors through their recoveries.

Mariano Ferrara | Chief Experience Officer

After completing his undergraduate degree at York University, Mariano spent the next few years in management at a retail chain where he realized his interest in working with, and helping the public. This led him to follow in his father’s footsteps as a financial advisor, giving him opportunities to help his clients on a more profound level and leave a lasting impact on their lives. 

In 2021, Mariano also became a Certified Financial Planner®️ as part of his mission to continue improving himself in service of his clients. He is a devoted supporter of BCI and you can usually find him running somewhere with his crew not far behind. As the Chief Experience Officer, Mariano spends a lot of time in front of the camera; whether live on a Sunday with the Brain Gains running crew or together with Dr. Galati facilitating the Brain Banter live series. In his free time, he enjoys listening to audiobooks, working out or getting ‘gains’ as he calls it, spending time with his friends and family, and most importantly his furry four legged friend, Xochil ‘The Grey’.

Matthew Greco | Legal Council

Matthew is primarily a Civil and Commercial Litigation lawyer. Outside of his practice, he enjoys venturing out of the litigation world to tackle legal questions that friends, family, and organizations, such as the great and powerful Brain Changes Initiative (BCI), may ask of him. 

Fascinated and inspired by Dr. Galati’s story, Matthew admires BCI for its immense potential to affect positive change on the world. Upon hearing Dr. Galati’s first-hand experiences in recovering from TBI, Matthew was surprised (and disappointed) to learn that the current treatment methods for TBI patients are rather archaic. As such, Matthew has committed himself to helping BCI toward inevitable success.


Leading Volunteers

Taylor Snowden-Richardson | Director of Wolves' Den Support Group | Victoria Chapter Lead

Taylor is a PhD Candidate at the University of Victoria, specializing in the long-term effects of concussions and other brain injuries in adults. Her research is deeply influenced by her own family's experience with severe brain injury, adding a personal dimension to her academic work.

Taylor is not only committed to advancing scientific understanding in this area, but also passionate about supporting survivors of brain injuries. She aims to create welcoming and inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued.

Nichole Michaud Kuszelewski | Halifax Chapter Lead

Nichole is a Master of Applied Science student at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, specializing in neuroscience. Nichole works as a cognitive researcher in which she uses Electroencephalography (EEG), Eye Tracking and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to study human physiological responses. Her research involves measuring human perception, attention, emotion and memory.

Nichole's passion for understanding the brain arose from a personal experience with sport-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) which she suffered at a young age. Her objective within academia and her career is to specialize in brain injury and cognitive disorders.

As a chapter leader at BCI she is elated to work alongside the brain community to create positive change.

Donny Iannetta | Recruitment Coordinator, Chapter Lead

As an undergraduate student at York University, studying Biomedical Science of the Biology stream, Donny is deeply intrigued by the intricate processes and workings of the human brain, specifically in the context of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). 

Joining the BCI team allows Donny the opportunity for collaboration between experts in this scientific field, leading to exploration and deeper understanding of TBIs and research thereof. All while helping expand the BCI mission, impact, and network.

Through academic pursuits, Donny is deeply committed and dedicated to advancing his own knowledge of TBIs, as well as the advancement, treatment, and prevention of them through future studies.

Nathan Ellis | Canmore Chapter Lead | Victoria Chapter Contributor

Originally from Canmore, Alberta, Nathan is currently earning his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria.

Having grown up in the mountains, Nathan has a passion for the outdoors and life above altitude, as well as the game of hockey. Through experience and curiosity, Nathan has gained an interest in cerebrovascular physiology brain health that he is working to further during his time at the University of Victoria.

Kristina Vlcek | Wolves' Den Co-Coordinator

Kristina is a TBI warrior, yoga teacher, breath guide, beach volleyball player and volleyball coach with the Ontario Volleyball Association.

She shares Brain Changes’ vision to improve the standard of care and to educate others on a lifestyle change to improve brain health and recovery. Kristina’s well-rounded experience with BCI’s brain health pillars and the role they played in her recovery will serve our community extremely well as she shares her learnings and curates content for our Wolves’ Den community. 

Peter Jermyn | Wolves' Den Facilitator

As a facilitator of the Wolves’ Den, Peter helps to facilitate group discussion with an emphasis on active listening and inclusivity. He views acquired brain injury(ABI) through a bio-psycho-social lens. Peter is thus motivated to help others heal and adapt to life post-injury by empowering them to build meaningful social connections. He hopes his experience with persistent concussion symptoms can be of benefit to others as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of life post

Peter developed a passion for the non-profit sector as the Director of Communications for Friends of Syria, where he worked directly with traumatized and disabled refugees as they struggled to adjust to life in Toronto. Peter holds a BA and MA in English from the University of Toronto and has worked as a journalist, writer, and assistant director for film and television. During the summer, he can be found grinding it out with the Wolf Pack, Brain Changes’ running and exercise group.