We are Committed to Research

BCI supports research with the overarching goal of improving the standard of care for TBI and other brain pathologies through equitable, non-pharmacological approaches.

Ongoing research is vital, as there is no magic pill to heal a brain. Creating the best environment, through a lifestyle change that supports neuroplasticity is fundamental for recovery.

  • Brain Canada Foundation Rising Stars: Dr Matthew Galati Brain Changer Award 

    Provides funding to trainees conducting clinical implementation research at a Canadian institution in the field of acquired brain injury.

  • Brain Changes Initiative + Brain Canada Stakeholder Engagement 

    Brain Changes Initiative, in collaboration with Brain Canada Foundation, has developed a process for grounding its funding in research in stakeholder needs. This is a revolutionary model for conducting research with the aim of improving the standard of care for TBI.

  • Brain Changes Initiative + Branch Out Neurological Foundation + Brain Canada Foundation: Special Purpose Grant 

    This funding opportunity encourages innovative, unorthodox, and exploratory research that integrates different pillars of brain health with potential for significant impact on our understanding of brain recovery after TBI.

  • 6 Pillars of Brain Health Clinical TBI Research Project 

    Brain Changes Initiative is funding an evidenced based clinical research program to provide equitable access to care for all TBI survivors utilizing government funded allied healthcare support.