Congratulations, Taylor Snowden-Richardson

BCI’s Exceptional Volunteer of 2023 Award Recipient.

We are so excited to announce Taylor as BCI's Exceptional Volunteer of 2023, for her outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to our cause.

Since 2021, she has actively engaged as a general BCI volunteer, and subsequently transitioned into a leadership role within Victoria.

She founded/leads BCI's Victoria Chapter and orchestrates a team of volunteers, showcasing her incredible leadership and organizational skills. She not only excels in recruiting and managing volunteers but also goes above and beyond in organizing local awareness events and educational initiatives.

Taylor's exemplary leadership in organizing the "Move For Neurogenesis" event in Victoria showcases her commitment to promoting neurogenesis and fostering community engagement.

Her inclusive and collaborative leadership style is further highlighted in her role as the Lead Coordinator for BCI's Wolves' Den TBI support group, fostering a sense of belonging and cohesion among its members.

Taylor's initiation of BCI Victoria content creation, focused on locally relevant resources, further demonstrates her passion for sharing valuable information and educating the community about brain health.

Her strengths in research, problem-solving, and communication are exemplary in her pivotal role in the success of BCI's Pillar Review Paper Project, where she has efficiently led a team in submitting multiple papers for publication.

In addition to her impressive resume, Taylor was the recipient of the Dr. Matthew Galati Brain Changer Award in 2022 granted by Brain Canada Foundation. Taylor's impact is truly commendable, and we are profoundly grateful for her invaluable contributions to BCI's mission.